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 Historique des versions de CloneDVD™ 2
Si vous trouvez un bug ou pensez qu'il y en a un, veuillez nous contacter en fournissant un maximum de détails afin que nous puissions résoudre le problème.

Historique des versions

Version 2011 05 03
  • New: Support for harddisks with large physical sectors (>2048 bytes)
  • New: Remembers window position
  • New: Shows only relevant titles during title selection
  • Change: Program responsiveness if copy procedure is paused
  • Fix: Size of scrollbars with Windows 7
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2010 06 15
  • New: Improved handling of incorrect packet headers
  • New: The state of the "preserve menus" checkbox will be saved for the "Copy DVD Titles" use case
  • Fix: Problem displaying some titles in title preview
  • Fix: Driver verifier problem with ElbyCDIO.sys
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2009 12 22
  • New: Increased performance of the transcoder
  • New: Improved handling of layer break position
  • New: Creates .dvd files for correct layer break handling with Virtual CloneDrive and CloneCD
  • New: Parses .dvd files for correct layer break position when writing to dual layer media
  • New: Show warning, if a single layer image file is about to be written to dual layer media
  • New: Added support for writers with drive letters "A" or "B"
  • New: Added "loop titles" option. As some DVD players behave weird, if DVD playback stops, all titles copied without menus will loop with this option enabled.
  • New: Added support for episodic DVDs, where episodes are only accessible as chapters.
  • Fix: Error compressing some discs
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2009 03 13
  • Change: Default writing speed
  • Fix: Possible security vulnerability of the driver interface
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2009 03 10
  • Change: Default writing speed
  • Fix: Possible security vulnerability of the driver interface
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2008 10 17
  • New: Improved handling of invalid navigation packs
  • New: Automatic bitsetting of DVD+R and DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM with some writer models (NEC, Sony Optiarc, Hitachi-LG)
  • Fix: Repairing DVD structure didn't work with some titles
  • Fix: Possible crash in transcoder
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2008 06 12
  • New: Added option to switch back to Windows filesystem for reading from a Video DVD
  • Fix: Detection of DVD-R DL discs with some DVD writer models
  • Fix: NavigationPack Error 18 with some DVDs
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2008 04 09
  • New: CloneDVD no longer uses the Windows filesystem, when reading from a Video DVD. It has now its own UDF parser / reader. Discs which cannot be read by Windows can now be copied with CloneDVD.
  • New: Workaround for bug in the firmware of some DVD writers, which caused CloneDVD not to detect DVD+R DL media
  • Fix: Small bugfix in "repairing defective disc structure" function.
Version 2008 01 20
  • New: Improved layer break handling
  • Fix: "Clone 0" error with some discs
  • Fix: If a PGC contained multiple programs per chapter, parts of the PGC were blanked.
  • Fix: In rare situations Audio and Subtitle streams were not copied, if "Enable auto-selection for removed streams" was enabled
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2007 08 09
  • Fix: Discs created with CloneDVD did not play on some DVD player models
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2007 08 01
  • Fix: Bug introduced in, chkdsk could fail on system partition under Windows 2000/XP
  • Fix: Bug introduced in, registration did not work on Windows 98/ME
  • Fix: Bug introduced in, "Init ElbyCDIO failed" error under Windows Vista with UAC enabled<
  • li>
  • Some minor changes and improvements<
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Version 2007 07 25
  • Fix: In rare situations CloneDVD could "overcompress", causing blocking artifacts and pixelation
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2007 05 31
  • New: Workaround for incorrectly authored discs which caused a Clone 0 error
  • Updated languages
Version 2007 05 20
  • New: Files created can always be compressed using DVD Shrink or Nero Recode (CloneDVD2 can be used as a preprocessor to deselect unwanted titles or streams)
  • Change: Workaround for registration problem on Windows Vista
  • Change: ElbyCDIO updated to increase compatibility with Vista
Version 2006 12 13
  • New: Windows Vista (including 64bit versions) fully supported
  • New: All drivers are now signed as per Microsoft requirements
  • New: Setup file is now signed
Version 2006 08 15
  • New: Automatic DVD structure scanner - no more "Navigation Pack" or "IFOProperties 6" errors!
  • Fix: File / Directory not found error with some systems / discs
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2006 05 23
  • Fix: DVD+R Dual Layer writing failed with some DVD Writer models (e.g., Sony DRU-820A)
  • Change: ElbyCDIO updated again to increase compatibility with broken SCSI or IDE drivers (INTEL Application Acceleration driver 1.x, CeQuadrat Virtual CDROM, ...)
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2006 04 29
  • New: Installer removes old ElbyCDIO.dll versions from CloneCD 3/4 installations to avoid a conflict
  • New: Installer will only ask for reboot, if a reboot is really necessary
  • Updated ElbyCDIO access layer
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2006 04 23
  • New: Updated ElbyCDIO access layer
  • Some minor changes and improvements
Version 2006 04 22
  • New: Time Maps are always recreated, as they are sometimes destroyed on the source disc
  • New: Updated ElbyCDIO for better 64 bit support
  • Fix: elby CloneDVD could hang when playing the "successful" sound
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2006 02 28
  • Fix: Individual Stream selection was broken (bug introduced in elby CloneDVD
  • Fix: Stream selection quality bar sometimes invisible
  • Updated languages
Version 2006 02 16
  • Cosmetic: Wrong button size in output selection pane
Version 2006 02 01
  • New: Better handling of some badly mastered DVD titles
  • New: Automatic read retries (20 times), allows copying of scratched discs
  • New: Support for Windows Vista
  • New: Added CD-R to the size selector in the title selection (previously was "Mini DVD", which confused people because of 8cm DVDs known as "Mini DVD" as well)
  • New: Added support for DVD-R DL writing (only writing to +R Dual Layer Discs was supported)
  • New: Workaround for incorrectly mastered DVDs made with Pinnacle Studio causing a navigation pack error
  • New: Improved writing to DVD-R media
  • New: Added brazilian portuguese language
  • Change: Mini DVD size is changed to 1.4 GByte (size of 8cm DVD-R media)
  • Change: "Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting" has been removed from the preferences pane. This option is now always enabled.
  • Fix: High CPU use for several minutes when checking for program update
  • Fix: Sound out of sync problems with incorrectly mastered DVDs
  • Fix: Quality bar sometimes invisible with incorrectly mastered DVDs
  • Fix: DVD configuration reported incorrect resolution for NTSC DVDs
  • Fix: Closes connection after automatic update check
  • Updated languages
Version 2005 07 12
  • Fix: Program could hang on startup
Version 2005 06 18
  • Fix: registration keys were not accepted in some configurations
Version 2005 06 07
  • New: Added MIME type for easier download and installation of keyfiles
  • Fix: Stability problems in certain configurations
Version 2005 04 22
  • Fix: Error message "DVDManager 5 .. " when writing files to ISO Image, CD or DVD with certain DVD titles, e.g. Zone of the Enders Vol. 3 (UK) or Coffee and Cigarettes (German). This error occured with self made Video DVDs as well.
Version 2005 04 21
  • Fix: Many stability problems in ElbyCDIO
Version 2005 04 17
  • Change: Added workaround for compatibility problem with Nero under 64 bit Windows
  • Many stability fixes in ElbyCDIO
Version 2005 04 12
  • New: Added support for 64-bit Windows XP
  • Change: ElbyCDIO rewritten from scratch to have unified drivers for 32 and 64 bit Windows Compatibility with third party IDE drivers should be improved
  • Fix: CloneDVD did not have "Windows XP look" on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP64
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2005 02 05
  • New: All selected titles are now played one after the other, if "copy without menu" was chosen. The play order is set by the title number. The title marked as "first play" will always be played first. Example: Titles 10, 11, 13, 15 are selected, title 11 is marked as first play. The play order will be 11, 10, 13, 15.
  • New: Revision History can be accessed from the Start menu.
  • Change: Removed check for invalid filesize (fixes problem with file size mastering errors, e.g. "The Grudge" R1, US).
  • - Fix: Error Message "Module 1 vobproperties.cpp 62 TCE" (e.g., "Alien Resurrection" R2, German)
Version 2005 01 26
  • New: CloneDVD software can now shutdown the computer, after it has successfully finished the operation.
  • Change: All Audio and subtitle streams are now selected by default. This avoids the disappointment of missing streams for the unexperienced user.
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2005 01 15
  • Changed: Removed confusing "Unable to locate layer break" message
  • Fix: Automatic update check could hang the program
Version 2005 01 11
  • New: Support for 4.85 GB "Extreme Extended" DVD-R Media (You must specify a custom size of 4850 MB in the title selection)
  • New: Sounds for "Error" and "Waiting for media"
  • New: Automatic update check
  • New: Added support for chinese languages
  • New: command line option -fs to specify font size
  • Change: Sounds for dialog boxes
  • Change: "Auto selection for removed streams" is now enabled by default
  • Change: "Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting" is now enabled by default
  • Change: Custom size can now be easier modified
  • Change: Screensaver and power saving are now re-enabled earlier
  • Fix: Correct error message is now displayed instead of the meanigless "WriteDVD error 10 0"
  • Fix: Corrupted UI in device selection and progress dialog
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
Version 2004 11 25
  • new: workaround for NavigationPack 6 mastering error
  • new: workaround for invalid angle destination mastering
  • new: writedvd.dll is more tolerant, if setup of writer fails
  • new: writedvd.dll disables power saving and screen savers while writing
  • new: file dialogs now use themed buttons on Windows XP
  • fixed: string entry was blocked after showing a file dialog
  • changed: reset of trial period
Version 2004 11 08
  • new: option to remove unreferenced material, can improve video quality when splitting
  • new: 'lighter' screen layout
  • new: 'eject' button while waiting to insert disc
  • new: added 16x write speed
  • new: updated transcoder to r072q, improved handling of corrupt video material
  • changed: writedvd.dll more tolerant, no longer requires reserve track to succeed
  • changed: writing files to harddisk now uses unbuffered I/O, improves memory usage
  • changed: title image
  • fixed: preferences window now adjusts to screen font
  • fixed: layout now works correctly with big screen fonts
  • fixed: transcoder was sometimes unnecessarily compressing the video material
  • some minor changes and improvements
  • updated languages
Version 2004 09 13
  • DVD+R DL discs now become type DVD-ROM on NEC (and compatible) writers to improve compatibility
  • always use ShareRead to avoid file access violation errors (32)
  • some minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages
Version 2004 08 04
  • fixed file corruption issues
Version 2004 08 02
  • updated writedvd.dll, elbycdio.sys and elbycdio.dll
  • fixed problem with Firefox showing up in minimised state
  • chapter trimmer is enabled even when preview is not
  • fixed issues with Plextor drives
  • changed appearance of output size selector
  • fixed autorun suppression (was not working when dialogs were active)
  • automatically eject if source and target drives are the same
  • changed layout behavior of title preview
  • changed CSS protection text
  • new: implemented 'successful' sound
  • new: message to inform users about invalid blocks
  • new: system sounds when question, warning and critical dialogs appear
  • new: pause/resume while transcoding
  • new: retry on read errors while transcoding
  • new: Macrovision detection and dialog
  • fixed: file system error detection
  • improved: handling of writedvd.dll errors
  • new: support for 6x and 12x speed
  • fixed logfile save/save as behavior (asks for overwrite and more)
  • changed help texts
  • extended error handling in title selection and preview
  • reworked all dialogs and extended error messages with useful tips and of course sheep
  • new: support and display of system generated error strings
  • new: don't try to load video files from VIDEO_TS folder if it doesn't exist
  • click on left mousebutton switches between logo and about page
  • new: preferences overlay
  • about-box/welcome box flip-scroll-mechanism
Version 2004 06 12
  • Autoplay is always suppressed as long the main window is activated
  • fix to handle broken parental level entries
  • unspecified subtitles are enabled by default
  • avoid loading video files from VIDEO_TS folder if it doesn't exist
  • support to restore current window position and size
  • transcoding default animation is now the bitrate graph
  • added timeout to ElbyCDIO_LockTarget() to ElbyCDIO.dll
  • added Japanese translation to RegCloneDVD.exe
  • added Portuguese translation
  • updated Catalan translation
  • updated Spanish translation
  • updated Japanese manual
  • updated Italian manual
Version 2004 05 01
  • fixed UDF mastering problem, removed Unicode support for volume names
Version 2004 04 27
  • fixed deadlocking problem in case of corrupted IFO files
  • support for unicode UDF volume names
  • updated japanese translation
  • fixed write speed setting
Version 2004 04 19
  • fixed File 4 error on Windows NT 4
  • fixed proper handling of duplicated start codes
  • added RC handling of video material with very low bit rates
  • added new translation: indonesia
  • fixed IFOFormat 15 (Panasonic recorder specific problem)
  • fixed synchronised transcoder log output
Version 2004 03 27
  • early termination in case of scrambling control bit set (PS 18)
  • implemented tracker to terminate early if block error rate exceeds 25%
  • fixed display of pending log entries
  • updated manual images
Version 2004 03 18
  • second release for public consumption

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